Better late than never.

As you can clearly see, my website is up and running. Cheers to b r e a k i n g  the plateau. 

It's been a long time coming. I only wish for this to be the beginning of my evolution. I've let fears of judgement and ridicule deter me. There's no excuse now. 

I want to show other creatives, young & old, that we can channel our experiences into great pieces of work. Perhaps, even uplift another human being. Why not? Our past doesn't have to define us nor consume us. 

This is the age of The Self-Made & The Self-Reliant. The Conquerors & The Contenders. Glory aside, we cannot miss an opportunity to foster the growth of our fellow creatives. Quite frankly, we are failing as humans if we do not seek to make the world better than it once was. We are all in this Battle of Life together, whether we like it or not, carrying our own struggles. Positivity & support go a long way. 

Things I know: This is only the beginning. I am strong. I am determined. I have stories to share. 

Things I don't know: Where I'll go, Who I'll meet. What I'll accomplish next. What I'll share with you.

Join me on this journey.  

Thank you.

Yours Truly, 




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